Our Services

Direct Hire Placement Services

Direct Hire placement services puts the responsibility of job postings, candidate screening and interviews in the expert hands of DNP Talent. We do the heavy lifting and carefully select candidates that will be a good fit with your culture, values and required skill set for the job. Partnering with DNP talent also has less risk. You only pay us when we successfully fill the position!

We partner and collaborate with your organization to understand:

  • The trends in your industry: skills that are in demand, who’s getting hired and why
  • The industry talent pool: how to analyze it, how to navigate it and how to benefit from itThe trends in your industry: skills that are in demand, who’s getting hired and why
  • The tricks of the trade: recruiting best practices, behavior-based questions, and hiring strategy

We are trained in analyzing a candidate’s skills, quantifying them and mapping them to your open positions. While the costs of working with a direct-hire firm can seem daunting at first, think about the costs associated with hiring a candidate who is a bad fit for your organization. The amount of time and money lost on training and on-boarding a bad hire will far exceed the cost of working with a direct hire firm up front. In the end, it’s about talent.

Candidate Services

At DNP Talent, we strive to place the best. We want to ensure our candidates put their best foot forward in the resume, interview and placement process. We offer resume, social media and interviewing coaching services to help our candidates win the race!

Resume Writing

Although you are more than just a piece of paper, your resume can set you apart from the competition. Let us help you construct the perfect resume to impress hiring managers.

Social Media Expertise

Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your advantage. We help construct these pages to help ensure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible..

Interview Coaching

Interviewing is both art and science. We will break down the steps to help you successfully navigate the most challenging job interviews.

These services are optional for our candidates but highly encouraged! Direct placement services are free for all candidates and the services package is not required. Fees for services vary based on need, so contact DNP talent to find out more.