What happens after COVID?

These past few months I have sat back and re-assessed.   I had just started my business in August and now a global pandemic.   I mean, come on 2020.  Luckily, I had created strong relationships with clients already and stayed afloat throughout.  I owe my clients everything this year.  DNP Talent is still thriving because of you.… Continue reading What happens after COVID?

Placing People First

The process is broken.  Our mantra at DNP Talent is Placing People First.  I chose that with purpose.  I have been laid off in my career twice.  Once after a year at a higher education institution where my position was eliminated.  Last time was after returning from a short-term disability and my position was considered… Continue reading Placing People First

Referrals: You have to ask

Sourcing has always been the shining star of every recruitment training I have ever attended. Know how to write a strong boolean string and you will go far!    Almost 15 years into this career I have learned a very large lesson. While sourcing skills will keep you ahead of the curve – working your network and candidate pool for referrals will win the… Continue reading Referrals: You have to ask