What Are You Thankful For?

End of year is always a reason for lists.   

Lists of holiday presents to buy every 10 minutes from BuzzFeed. 

Lists of the greatest songs and movies of the year. 

More lists of the trends for this year and new trends for next year. 

It’s a time to reflect. 

It’s time for planning on new beginnings and new lists. 

As I sit here in my new home office, I am reflecting on the biggest year of my career. 2019. 

The year where I took control of my career. Took control of my dreams and willed them to come to life. 

2019 started out busy. I had a full-time job as a Manager of TA.  We were hiring so fast I was getting whiplash.  By July of this year, I had recruited, onboarded and hired 94 professionals. Thinking back on those first 7-months of the year it feels like a blur.  I wasn’t having any fun. I was like a body shop. Offers, scheduling orientations, battling politics, and just trying to keep my head afloat.  I was miserable.   

You would think a successful beginning of the year would make me ecstatic as a recruiter – wrong.  I felt like I was literally just putting a “butt in a seat”.  Never felt like I was creating relationships or building a department.  I was an order taker.  At an organization where we hired that many because retention was difficult.  I was on a treadmill I could not get off.  Close one, open another. 

By July I knew I had to make a change. I was crying every day after work. Exhausted mentally.  Every Sunday I would look at my husband and say, “I can’t go in tomorrow, I just can’t”.  I think we have all been there. The dread of Sunday night.  Knowing you must go to a job that isn’t fulfilling.  Isn’t fun. Isn’t challenging.   We have all been there.  I think memes were created because of it. 

So, one day at a time I created DNP Talent.   

First, I came up with the name. Something simple and not too cheeky.  I didn’t want to get sick of it. I didn’t want it to become cheesy 10 years from now.  So, “Recruiter Ninja” was out. 

Second, I purchased the domain.  Just let it sit for awhile but it was purchased.  Step Complete. 

Third, went to the County and filed for a DBA.  I started slow, no LLC just yet.  $30 later I had a company. 

Fourth, worked with friends on a logo and a website.  Nothing fancy at first – just have to get started, right? 

Registered as an LLC, ordered business cards, created first blog post, got an email address and a physical address… only one thing left to do before launch. 

I quit my job.   Hardest decision I have ever made.  Worst experience giving my resignation ever.  But what can you do?  Resignations are emotional – mostly for the company you are leaving (see the resignation blog!).   

August 2019, my life changed.  I launched.  I reached out to my network and let friends, colleagues, and connections know what I was doing.  Launch was exceptional!  Job orders and resume request flooded me for the first few months. I was off and running! 

Since launch – I have blogged, created content on social, sourced for over 20 different positions, interviewed amazing candidates, worked with new clients and old friends, spoke for an alumni group close to my heart, and I had FUN!   I have not once had the Sunday night feeling.  I have not once said I don’t want to work tomorrow. 

Things I have learned about myself since starting my own business:  

  1. People think you will be doing laundry or taking mid-afternoon naps since you are running your own show – YOU DON’T.  I have not once taken a nap. (Sorry to disappoint you).   I am aggressively trying to grow my business and place candidates.  I don’t stop.  I am the only one in the way of me making a living.  Naps need not apply. 
  1. Working with your pet, in this case a golden retriever named Molly, is OUTSTANDING.  There is nothing better than a dog swatting your laptop off your lap for more belly rubs.  I work harder so she can live her best life. 
  1. There are ups and downs of confidence.  I am learning how to battle by own confidence. You have days where you are killing it. You have days when nothing is working out.  You must keep yourself going.  My goal for 2020 is to network with more entrepreneurs in my area.  I want to be around people who understand the growing pains of this.  Surround yourself with people who understand. 
  1. Less drama. I don’t have to manage the constant small-talk, office gossip, and drama of office politics. I do miss having coworkers (sometimes) but sitting at my home desk with Beyonce blaring has been cathartic.  No drama.  No politics.  It’s been refreshing.  And I am 10x more productive than I was in an office job.  Working from home and a flexible schedule is something the world needs to get behind – its magic! 

What do I want out of 2020.  I want it all (too much?) 

I am creating a brand.  I am creating a following. I am creating a business. And I want it to be successful.   

My goal for 2019 was to start.  It was to begin to create story, brand, and a client base. 


My goal for 2020 is to build on that.   

  • Place outstanding candidates  
  • Continue growth of client base  
  • Continue to create social content 
  • Start video content (so scared!) 
  • Expand offerings  
  • And HAVE FUN! 

2019 was a great year. Thanks to my support system of my husband, dog, family, and friends. I could not have created DNP Talent without all of them. Constant support.  Cheerleading me through every low and every high.  Because of them, I know this will be a success. They believe in the mission and they believe in me. 

What are you thankful for in 2019? What is your story? 

Here comes a new decade!  Entrepreneurs and Recruiters out there – YOU GOT THIS!  Let’s make 2020 and the next decade AMAZING!